THIS is about a video circulating on social media showing three men at the Davao International Airport talking ab out a meeting with me and the use of an airplane for campaign materials.

The public is advised that I have never told anyone that I am running for President and I have not conducted any meeting about the use of a plane for my campaign materials.

I do not know the persons in the video — a certain PSI Manager Gino, Bong Acquia, TG Ponce, and the political coordinator of Ituloy Ang Pagbabago Movement (IPM).

I am not a member of and not privy to IPM activities. I sternly warn supporters about using my name in their personal transactions.

I have already successfully pursued a case for name dropping, and recently supported a case against an organized crime group of money scammers who used my name in their fraudulent activities. I do not tolerate these activities and I do not hesitate to pursue legal action against those who besmirched my reputation even if they are supporters.

Thank you.

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