IT TOOK me some weeks to decide( finally) that I wanted to be vaccinated. I was an immovable rock along the bank of a river. Any foreign element coming in is not welcome into my fragile body.

But my daughter got herself vaccinated so naturally and willingly. We were scheduled to have our vaccination at city high and I would have been in the priority list, but with a poker face, I declined. My daughter however was determined to have hers. She underwent a series  of interviews etc.,,  and after an hour (yes an hour of waiting), she got vaccinated as if nothing happened.

We went home and dropped by the grocery to buy chicken cubes for a chicken tinola that I would cook. A hot soup before resting, not bad. My daughter was vaccinated. Ako wala. That simple.

But it wasn’t that  simple really because I need to be vaccinated. Friends prodded me to get my vaccine. My Church prayed for guidance through Oratio Imperata. Now vaccines are available with the scientists burning the midnight candle. 

So after the stern look of my daughter I dutifully went to the vaccine area after two weeks. Yes, after two weeks. After three hours of waiting, I got my first shot of Sinovac.

My doctors, all former students, told me any available vaccine is the best vaccine. So I trusted their medical advice.

I already got my second dose. And I feel great. I am sad that many of my friends do not want to be vaccinated. That is their choice and that is their body. We pray that this virus won’t mutate and destroy us.

But I hope that vaccination areas should be friendly to all, especially to the seniors. I was so disappointed with what I saw in Calinan. So many came early at 7am but were vaccinated at 7pm. The whole day’s ordeal was almost unbearable. 

The vaccination area was so disorganized. It was a mess. 

It was not very pleasant as the day was hot with few trees to protect you. I couldn’t understand why the school principal and district supervisor were not tapped to help in controlling the crowd.

For sure your BP would rise with the heat of the sun over you.  I couldn’t understand why DOH and the City Health did not tap the assistance of the DepEd in Calinan. Controlling the crowd has been perfected by DepEd through the years. 

Remember that some or many of us are hesitant to be vaccinated. Convincing our people is not easy. They are afraid. So when people go to the vaccination area they should be accommodated so well. They should be given the utmost comfort before they get the shot.

It seems that people do not fear being vaccinated. They welcome it instead. So give them the shot. No ifs no buts.  Make them, especially the seniors, comfortable before giving them the shot. 

DOH and City Health should tap the support of DepEd. It’s easier that way. 

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