People in the entire Davao Region have reason to be alarmed and worried about.

     According to a report made by the Department of Health the other day, a total of 11 new Delta variant of CoViD cases had been monitored in the whole of the region as of that date, bringing the number of afflicted by the highly infectious variant to 28. A breakdown  says that 1 of those found positive is from Carmen, Davao del Norte, 3 in Davao Oriental, 6 in Davao City, and 1 in Nabunturan, Davao de Oro.

     While the figure is relatively small, the general observation on the pace of infection by the Delta variant indicates that if the people where the cases were discovered will adopt a complacent attitude, the likelihood is that each case will infect other people many times over. For now, we can easily observe that many, especially those with private vehicles at their disposal, are wantonly disregarding the various health protocols using as excuse that their continued isolation in their respective residence will only further weaken their immunity against the virus. Thus, they claim, they become more vulnerable to CoViD especially with the Delta variant.

     And sadly, one of the areas most frequented by people with the means is Davao Oriental. What with the Province’s many attractive beaches and other natural come-ons! So, if complacency reins over carefulness, then we should not be surprised if a surge may just be lurking in the various corners of the Davao Region.

     We also have no doubt that those infected and perhaps the so-called “do-gooders” supposedly for the people, will put the blame on the government. But they should be reminded that the blame should be on them. After all, they are the ones who disregard protocols.

     We should not lose track with the experience of the Northern Mindanao Region, specifically the City of Cagayan de Oro. Look at them now. The City is being confronted with the possibility of having a collapsed health system; hospitals and its health workers being overwhelmed by the enormity of new CoViD cases, and the mayor is now appealing for cooperation and understanding.

     Should we allow our region to reach that level of health emergency?


     We can only imagine how seriously Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and Sec. Carlito Galvez of the Office of the Peace Process have taken their job. 

    Yes, for the two who are the highest officials of their respective agencies, coming down south and braving the treacherous route going to the fastness of the Talaingod mountains in Davao del Norte to jointly officiate in the turn-over of houses to the natives in the area, is something far from expected of them. After all, they could have delegated the job to some personalities in the region who can act as their alter ego. But the two did come in flesh.  So, for the natives, beneficiaries or not, and the local officials not to appreciate the gesture of the two national officials is the height of ungratefulness.

     Nonetheless, we also learned that the top official of the Province in Gov. Edwin Jubahib and Municipal official in the mayor of Talaingod, were also around to welcome the two gentlemen. So were the top military and police officials in the region. Their presence therefore, is enough proof that the seriousness of the Defense and the OPPAP secretaries may have rubbed in on them.

     We can only hope that the natives, the rebels and their supporters will find the government’s gesture as indication that it is sincere in considering the peace long desired to be attained at last.


     Our congratulations too, to Dr. Josephine Villafuerte, head of the Davao City Vaccination Task Force, and to the officials of the Barangay Councilors League in the Third district for making the Mobile Vaccination activity happen. The other day, several people, mostly senior citizens, were administered the vaccine against the dreaded CoViD 19  in a vaccination center in a Toril barangay.

     They are actually putting into action the saying that, “If Mohammad cannot go to the mountain, then let the mountain come to Mohammad instead.” And the Villafuerte team and the barangay dads did just that!

     Yes, in doing so, Dr. Jo’s team and its partners have saved the people in the rural areas, especially those in the remote highlands, a great deal of their hard-earned money as well as their precious time in going to the vaccination sites mostly located way far from the places of residence of the rural folks.

     This is a welcome strategy indeed. So Congratulations for the good deed, Dr. Villafuerte, Dr. Ashley Lopez and your team and or course the Barangay Councilors League of the third district of Davao City. May your kind increase? 

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