FOUR people at a window admire a passing car. But surely, do they really see the same thing? Ask this to a child and he might agree perhaps, but of course we know better. We know in life, four sets of eyes, even if focused on a common subject, will not necessarily guarantee that you will all arrive at one common perspective. The same might as well be true in the pandemic now that we all waddle in. 


If one were to search for a fitting analogy that would faithfully represent the ongoing dynamics and hoopla surrounding Covid-19 today, might I then offer to suggest a boxing match. Just please try to imagine this, the bell has rung and the two gloved combatants are already about to go at each other. Yet, members of the audience, the media, game officials and politicians or whoever else, are still inside the ring, and all begging to be heard on how to proceed with the bout. Could this be the real definition of ‘no contest’?

Why is it, that in the real-life arena, with Covid-19 not yet even totally defeated, the same players are still up the ring, stubbornly insisting on their two cents worth? Why is it that now, even medical practitioners and administrators have joined in and appear to clash on how better to proceed and on what methods to best pursue? Then, there are the politicians and tra-politicians, always at odds with each other, seeking to continuously diminish each other’s moves (even if they work), or doggedly insisting that theirs is still the only way? 

The last to finally compose and complete this merry mix, may be us, the audience and the mass target of the pandemic. Ours is the richest blend so far, where anti-vaccine, Covid non-believers, anti-mask, anti-shield and what-not mixes and eventually thrives among us. Asserting their right to freedom and freedom to believe. It is here too, that probably could be found the reason why the fight continues. And sadly, by that we mean, the fight against the virus still rages on, with it spreading further and mutating with each step. 

Finally bunch all these up together, and we still ask, why is it taking the whole city or the whole world much too long to beat this thing?

So, when we can, it is best that we again try to watch the1950 film Rashomon, wherein the story revolves around a murder, as narrated and described by four witnesses with their four contradictory points of view. If we like we can even ask, who is the real murder victim in the tale, as we babble, squabble or insistently dabble in the mystic, zombie or voodoo that many steadfastly push forward as better than the science?

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