BELIEVERS of the 1 Bayan Coalition are mad at what they call Isko Moreno’s five (5) undesirable pronouncements right after he declared himself a candidate for President under the Aksiyon Demokratiko Party of the late Sen. Raul Roco.  The 1 Bayan included Moreno as one of the political personalities the coalition is eyeing to put in the vetting list for their candidate to be fielded in the May 2022 national elections for President.

   The 1 Bayan netizens are particularly aghast at Isko’s statement that if elected President he is going to appoint President Duterte to a Cabinet position; that he believes the Marcoses deserve to be given the opportunity to present their side on the various continuing allegations against them; that he will not withdraw the cases filed by the Duterte administration against Sen. Leila De Lima; Isko’s choice of Dr. Willy Ong as running mate. These 1 Bayan followers call the doctor a non-entity (Wow, what an underestimation!), and one other pronouncement.

     Simply put, the 1 Bayan followers are having their minds closed as far as the issue of healing the Filipino nation. They’d rather perpetuate the division of the Filipinos because they believe that only those who they chose are good and have the capability of leading the government. In fact the leaders of the coalition seem to have venerated the Aquino family members as saints, including the living ones.

     Ironically, the convenors of the coalition appear to have found no one who could meet their desired qualifications for President if only to have a semblance of a vetting process for their candidates for President and Vice President. Imagine, they are now even including Sen. Manny Pacquiao as one of those they are choosing! And they are talking of the need for intellectual readiness for the job and similar other qualifications!  In fact these 1 Bayan organizers may not be totally convinced that the qualities of the candidate they want to field can all be found in VP Leni Robredo. Had they been sure that she has it they would not have bothered searching for others to vet. They would have just proceeded with declaring Leni their candidate for President, nothing more.  What happened?


     Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is again filing a leave of absence on the week immediately preceding the deadline of the filing of candidacy for President. Somehow this has been ongoing for years now with the mayor claiming that she would use the leave for going to Singapore for health reason.  Having no other information other than what is disclosed by the lady mayor we need not dig deeper into it since any one official is entitled to such leave more so with someone who is mayor of a large city. 

     But of course we cannot blame those political watchers to have their tongues wagging because the local chief executive is timing her leave on the last few days before the filing deadline. And many are speculating that her going on leave is one strategy to have her potential rivals for the Presidency caught off guard. That is if she is really bent on having her supporters have their way – for her to run for President.

     We believe however, that Sara need not be filing her certificate for the highest position of the land on or before October 8, 2021, which we believe she is not interested for now. After all, there is still another chance of doing so. And that is beating the deadline for the filing of substitute candidates, for the Vice Presidency, specifically. The Davao City Mayor is not running for President as we have always believed. She will have her father proceed with his filing his certificate of candidacy for Vice President and withdraw later in time for Sara to file her substitution for her father. For mayor of Davao City, well it has always been our take that the post is somewhat “reserved” for incumbent vice mayor Basti Duterte. So, all he has to do is just substitute her sister and bingo! The youngest son of the President becomes mayor without having any hassle at all.

     And who will finally carry the administration banner? Well, it could be the northerner in Bongbong Marcos; the Tondo man, Mayor isko himself gauged from his earlier statement of appointing the President to a Cabinet position; or it could be a Mark Villar, the silent and the “workingest” Cabinet member.

     But of course these are all products of our speculative mind. We can be wrong. But we have this gut feel that we could be right.




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