LAST Monday was the first day of School Year 2021-2022. But it can be gleaned from comments of parents with children either in elementary or high school years that they are not quite happy with the situation where their children are still doing the on-line learning or module or the two procedures combined. We too are among those disappointed lot because while we do not have children of school age anymore, our grandkids — three of them – are all in their secondary years.

     But of course we are aware that this is the best that the government can do in order not to disrupt the learning process of the Filipino children amidst the turmoil heaped on the education system due to the global pandemic. And we have also observed that despite the realization of parents that the various moods adopted to continue the learning system in the country are far from satisfactory compared with the usual face-to-face instructions, many parents and children still pursue their dream for education.

     In Region XI the initial figure reported by the Department of Education Regional Office shows that the response is still encouraging. Imagine a total of 1.1 million children of school age have enrolled on line! It only shows how the Filipino learners desire to get the education they so badly want.

     And of course we are certain that there will still be more who will awash the computer data boxes after this week. Many more who have some second thoughts during the enrollment period given by the DepEd may finally overcome their hesitance and join the on-line throng of students.

     Our only wish is that schools, both public and private, will be able to reciprocate the response of students and parents by upgrading their facilities, equipment and other requirements to make the on-line classes worth the students’ and parents’ patronage of their institutions.

     For now, the students’ including our grandchildren, the most common complaint is that teachers, or the schools for that matter, suddenly become inaccessible because of weak signal or loss of Internet connections.

     Perhaps the DepEd can look into this protestation and do something to address it. Otherwise the enthusiastic response of students and their parents will not be given the appropriate justice.


     Hospital authorities at the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) as well as at the Davao Regional Hospital based in Davao del Norte are now sounding the alarm bells on the looming shortage of medical oxygen supplies in the Davao Region.

     This is because of the undeniable fact that many victims of CoViD infection are already requiring oxygen support to stabilize their breathing. Somehow, the shortage claim is buttressed with video clips of long queues of people in oxygen supply establishments waiting for their turn to be attended to and provided with their tanks.

     Of course, this scenario of panic among patients’ immediate relatives is being assuaged by the authorities at SPMC who claim that the hospital is operating its own oxygen plant other than the three private plants that are currently providing the SPMC needs.

     But with this shortage already rearing its ugly head on the Davao Region’s CoViD situation we cannot help but implore the suppliers to “moderate” their greed for profit. If the oxygen suppliers make the growing demand for their products an opportunity to rake in more profits, then they are adding more problems to the already problem-laden pandemic situation.

     Yes, the temptation for doing so may have already become too irresistible. What with the large money expected to deluge their coffers if the demand becomes so big with the continuing rise of CoViD cases! Conscience though, has its way of softening the hearts of even the most greedy entrepreneur. 


     Here we are again. Seemingly, it appears that it has come to the attention of Davao City Mayor Sara that there are still many Davaoenos who prefer certain brands of anti-CoViD vaccine over others. Yes, instead of grabbing the opportunity to have themselves inoculated with whatever vaccine brand available, many still opt to wait for this or that vaccine brand to be administered on them. And sadly, we have noted that their being hesitant to get the jab is due largely to fear of negative side effects.

     This is the kind of attitude of Davaoenos that the mayor wanted changed. She knows that the longer the people delay their decision to be vaccinated the longer the time to reach the so-called herd immunity. In such a situation no other ethnic groups will suffer from the continuing risk of CoViD infection but the Davaoenos. And to that effect the mayor’s leadership may also suffer because it could paint a picture of a weak leader in her. And it could possibly affect her plan for a national leadership position.



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