IF WE talk of the most popular – even abused — word this election season, it is none other than the word DIVISION.  Political analysts are saying that the result of the May 2022 Presidential and Vice Presidential polls would be very difficult to determine. This is because both the administration and the traditional opposition are divided into several splintered groups because the burning ambition of leading politicians in both groups (administration and opposition) is to pursue their individual plan to run for either the Presidency or the Vice Presidency. 

     To our personal assessment however, the word DIVISION or DIVIDED does not apply to the situation of the opposition. Rather, it is more fitting to describe the current status of the administration; the supposed political party that catapulted the President to power in the May 2016 national elections – the PDP-Laban. Assuming that there is no element of drama in the Senator Manny Pacquiao, Senator Ping Lacson, and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno declared run, it is easy to deduce that the allies of the administration since five years ago are already gearing for battle against the incumbent ruling party. In a way, But are they? Are they not acting like one because they are driven by their own selfish ambition to take over power? In other words they who used to praise and seek patronage with the administration to gain favor if only to add whatever feather on their cap are already biting the hands the president who feeds them bodily and ego-wise; all in the guise of delivering the country from the clutches of allegedly corrupt and vicious administration leaders and system.

     Yes, the incumbent administration seems badly divided because they who pride as pillars of the successful governance, are suddenly distancing themselves and claiming that they could not afford to continue as part of the administration that is bringing the country and the Filipino people on the road to perdition. In so doing they also band themselves around as the most qualified alternatives to bring about the unfulfilled desired change in government.

    On the other hand, DIVISION so far is not applicable for the traditional opposition, the Liberal Party which since the inception of the democratic form of government in the country, was one of only two political parties duly acknowledged to be prevalent from that time onwards. The other one is the Nacionalista Party.

     Yes, there could not have been any division among the Presidential or Vice Presidential hopefuls in the Opposition Liberal Party. Why, because up to now none of the blue-blooded or even the pseudo Liberal Party members has made any declaration of interest in either the Presidency or the Vice Presidency. Even if we have to admit that the Liberal Party opposition has morphed into what is now called the IBayan Coalition, the convenors are still in the process of convincing those who they think can win as an opposition to officially carry the traditional opposition party or the coalition itself. The convenors are hopeful that incumbent Vice President Leni Robredo will finally declare her availability for the Presidential run under the banner of the opposition Liberal Party AKA 1 Bayan. Or perhaps former Sen. Antonio Trillanes who is still an unsure winner if he casts his lot for the country’s highest position.

     However, a divided opposition can be had as soon as Robredo declares her candidacy and some others like Trillanes, Bam Aquino or Sen. Franklin Drilon suddenly throw their hut in the political ring for the same position. By then a divided administration will find itself pitted against an equally splintered Opposition.  

     But for now, it is still the administration that is suffering from the backlash of the most unpopular make-up in politics which is Division. Of course a division in one could be for the best interest of the other or others.


     On the other hand, at the local scene, division is far from expected here in Davao City. In fact every aspiring politician is looking for even the slightest opportunity to become a member of the ruling Hugpong sa Pagbabago.  We have yet to hear of any one desiring to establish a new local party or to join any existing group that used to be called opposition to the sitting administration.  

     Of course it is expected. After all, no one aspirant for any elective position would want to lose in the election, especially when it is his or her first try.

     So, it is not surprising if in all the districts those moving around hoping to feel the pulse of the people if they become candidates, always identify themselves to be carrying the administration banner or that they are sure endorsees of the local power brokers.

     Divided administration or opposition? My foot!


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