Captain Mark Anthony Tito, spokesperson of 10th Infantry Division
Photo Courtesy of 10th Infantry Division

THE 10TH Infantry Division strongly denied the accusation that the relatives of Bae Bibyaon Ligkayan Bigkay were forcibly brought by the Army to the municipal hall to sign documents for her rescue from Manila.

 Captain Mark Anthony Tito, the 10ID spokesman said, the move to craft resolutions addressed to the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples and the Tribal Council of Elders in Talaingod was initiated by the families and relatives of Bae Bibyaon.

Also, he said the move of the communist “front organizations” to reject the plea of the family and relatives to facilitate the safe passage home of Bae Bibyaon “shows their cruelty, selfishness, and intent to destroy family bond and kinship among Indigenous Peoples (IPs) to disrupt the culture and customs of the community.”


He added the NDF-affiliated groups intend to bring a gap between the IP elders to create disunion among the already vulnerable IPs to continue exploiting them to generate funds from international groups. 

Contrary to the claims, the 10ID maintains good working relations with both IP and non-IP communities in Talaingod, Davao Del Norte, and other parts under its area of responsibility and is warmly welcomed by the people in their respective lands, he said.

Meanwhile, through the collective effort from various government agencies, the local government units and the Armed Forces of the Philippines will continue to uphold the mandate under the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict’s guidance in uplifting the lives of the Filipino people dislocated by armed operations of the communist group.

The military said the NPAs continue to insist on their influence and force in the region. 

However, 11 former Cadre members under the Southern Mindanao Regional Committee said that the guerilla fighters continue to dwindle in number with the destruction of mass bases due to the effective implementation of Executive Order 70.

Maj. Gen. Ernesto C Torres Jr., 10th Infantry Division commander, remains confident in the sincerity of the troops toward the peace-building efforts of the Army while challenging the leadership of the CPP-NPA to prove their claim of their so-called “force and influence” in the region.

“The people itself will be the living proof with the various programs poured and received by communities as an answer to their plea for basic services and programs. Together with the community, the Agila Division is working hand in hand with the people in forming communities of nation builders, development seekers, and peace-loving leaders,” Torres said. 

“And to the leadership of the CPP-NPA Terrorist (CNT), we will be in the forefront in this fight, with your mass bases and alliances destroyed, the government, together with the awakened people, will eradicate the remaining remnants of peace-spoilers in the region,” he added.

Furthermore, to preserve its mandate, the troops under Agila Division firmly commit their strength in maintaining peace and order stability in the region through its various programs anchored and tailored-fitted to the needs of the communities with the help of local chief executives.


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