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OMOTOWN  Breakfast  Club is proudly owned and operated by  Davaoneos,  who wish to bring a  fresh concept of a breakfast place right in the heart of the city. 

The restaurant itself is a product of ideas and inspiration drawn from a fusion of cafés the owners have seen from their travels abroad. As they thought of and planned out their all-day breakfast menu, they wished to keep the familiarity of Filipino comfort food everyone knew and loved. 

  1. What sets our restaurant apart  
  2. What’s fresh?  
Flatlay of ALL FOOD

We wanted to open up a breakfast place that promises good food and a good ambiance.  

The  design  of  our  restaurant  was  one  of  our  top  priorities.  The  pastel  colors,  gold  accents,  and  neon  signs make up for what we think is an aesthetically pleasing design. This was made possible through our  collaboration  with  our  chosen engineer  and  architects,  who  helped  us  achieve  the  interior  design  we  wanted and know our customers appreciate. 

Omo Bacon and Eggs
  1. Menu  

Our menu boasts an array of breakfast  food items made available  to our customers all day. We  serve  classic  Filipino  breakfast  foods  such  as  beef  tapa,  pork  tocino,  and  even  champorado  served  with  danggit. Still, we are also proud to offer a  few other items that are already gaining attention  from the  public. Some of the popular dishes are our Eggs Benedict and Avocado toast.  

As we add more breakfast items to our list, we constantly look for new breakfast food ideas and trends  we soon hope to introduce to our customers.  

  1. What are our advocacies? 
  2. Boost tourism  
Napolitana and Baby Back ribs

As Davaoenos, we take pride in our city, and we want to help it by opening our doors to our fellow locals  and  tourists alike. We hope  to attract  the crowd, much as we witness  from  the  restaurants that have  done so from our travels abroad. We hope that with a combination of good food and great aesthetics,  our restaurant can help boost our city’s tourism. 

  1. Women empowerment  

Omotown Breakfast Club is proudly owned by a group of young professionals, with  the majority being  women. We hope to inspire everyone, especially young women, that they too can start a business while  at the same time pursuing their other goals and dreams.  

Banker Kate Dillera
  1. Helping the community  

We are certainly advocating  for  the local community. We want  to  showcase what Davao has  to offer,  and  we  try  to  do  this  by  actively  partnering  up  with  local  businesses  in  our  community. We  want  to  utilize  our  social  media  presence  to  promote  our  reliable  partners  to  expand  their  reach.  As  we  continually grow our business, we hope to help other local companies do the same.  

Spanish Omelette
  1. Call to action 

We  are  delighted  to  serve  an  array  of  food  and  drink  items  daily. Our  operating  hours  on  Tuesday – Sunday are from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. On Mondays, we are open from 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM. 

Matcha Pancake

Please come and visit us at Door 5B Autoville Compound, F. Torres St., Davao City. We are in the same  compound as Yoh Froz, Nonki’s, and Big Mart.  

Clubhouse Sandwich and Burger Combo

We  also  accept  orders  for  pick-up  and  delivery.  For  more  information,  please  visit  our  FB  page  @omotownbreakfastclub or call us at +639672462765.  

We hope to see you here soon!

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