“ANG hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, hindi makakarating sa paruruonan” (Rizal).

“Ang lingun ng lingon sa pinangggalingan, balon na sa harapan hindi pa nalalaman” (Gavino).


Hitler was far more evil as a dictator than Marcos and yet the German people moved forward and prospered. On the other hand, we Filipinos, prefer to continue looking forward, hence, we are left behind! If this is not what Einstein calls INSANITY on our part, What is?


Crisis is indeed an opportunity for great things. This pandemic COVID-19 period is the most fruitful years of the KPP or “Kilos Pederal sa Pagbabago “movement based in Davao City. KPP decided to move forward and has produced this year 2021 the following:

  1. Two books titled “Heal Our Sick Society” and “Journey to True Liberation”

 2, A “Primer on Real Social Transformation in the Philippines”,

  1. A “Handbook for New Political Leaders”
  2. A draft manuscript for another book to be titled “Youth: The Fifth Estate”

How did I know all these things? Modesty aside, I’m KPP’s technical consultant. All these written materials are manifestos for authentic social change – KPP’s prescription to heal the “4th degree” social cancer of our society and truly liberate our people and nation. These are KPP’s urgent call for genuine renewal badly needed by our people and various institutions. As KPP says, “all times are ripe for good things”. All these for the glory of God and of our beloved troubled nation.

KPP humbly presents its proposed “Roadmap” for Real Social Transformation in our country to our people and various institutions for consideration and, hopefully, for adoption. It is about time that we peacefully finish the “unfinished revolutions” of our forefathers for the sake of our children and grandchildren. They deserve a better Philippines to live and die in. Let’s leave them a legacy worthy of emulation and shout in the future, “look what wonderful things our forefathers did for us” Admittedly, the ideas KPP is presenting to our people are quite radical (from the root) or revolutionary. This is usually the case in pursuing authentic renewal. A “4th degree cancerous society” can only be healed by radical treatment. Peace-meal or band aid solutions will not suffice. The more serious the problem, the more serious the solution.

In other words, our “Damaged Culture” characterized by “Culture of Corruption” and “Culture of Poverty”, can only be effectively addressed by a peaceful “cultural revolution” using Pope Francis’ new “Culture of Encounter”. Our destructive “Patronage Politics” characterized by “regulatory capture” and bloated bureaucracy can only be effectively addressed by using Pope Francis’ encyclical exhortation of “Politics of Love”. ‘Culture of Encounter’ leads to “Politics of Love” which demands new kind of political leaders’ whose model of leadership is our Lord Jesus.

For the followers of “Political of Love” to be effective “spiritual and political warriors”, we must be “Real Filipinos” with a decolonized mindset and “True Christians” who are passionate and bold “peaceful revolutionaries” or Christ-like. Let’s be fully aware that to peacefully finish the “unfinished revolutions” of our forefathers, means engaging in “spiritual and political warfare”. In the ultimate analysis, it is a battle of good and evil in which our religious institutions must play an important role. Let us bear in mind that this is God’s mandate to us to make this “earth as it is in heaven”. As Pope Francis recently pointed out: “To be true Christians, we must be “revolutionary in grace”. We call the attention of all Christian Filipinos and their Churches on this matter.

Frankly, KPP badly needs help in funding the massive printing of our materials. Any foundation out there, with available funds for publication, please assist KPP in this laudable and noble program. Of course, their help will be adequately acknowledged. Special appeal is directed to Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Philippines.

This foundation is a known supporter of Federalism and Social Market Economy both of which are inclusive systems for inclusive growth. These are also part of KPP’s advocacies.

The forthcoming 2022 elections in  our country is a good time to initiate the introduction of “Politics of Love” and search for new kinds of political leaders. “Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa? Kung hindi natin sinimulan ang tunay na pagbabago, sino poa? For more details on this subject, read our “Primer” and “Handbook” mentioned earlier for immediate education.

There are times for everything. The time for our renewal as people and nation is NOW! “YES to “politics of love. Yes to New Kind of Political Leaders in the Philippines. Let’s all grow up spiritually and politically.”


Source: Mindanao Times ( https://mindanaotimes.com.ph/2021/10/15/random-thoughts-kpp-moves-forward/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=random-thoughts-kpp-moves-forward)