THE Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued another set of advisories against several entities soliciting investments from the public without the necessary licenses:

  3. Phillq International Trade Co., Ltd./PHILLQ/
  8. ZIGMATRADE/Zigma Trade
  12. S AMZ SHOP/s amz shop

For the complete list of advisories, you may visit

 PHLAZADA/PHLAZADA VIP/PHLAZADA INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO LTD. appears to be a self-service order placement platform for all international e-commerce   companies, supporting   mainstream   e-commerce platform such as Shoppee, Lazada, Amazon and Ebay. Accordingly, one can invest in PHLAZADA/PHLAZADA   VIP/PHLAZADA   INTERNATIONAL   TRADE   CO.   LTD. by registering   first, then you can choose from any of the six (6) VIP   PLANS with corresponding task which are, VIP1, worth Php1,000.00 (5 task), VIP2, worth Php3,600.00(15 task), VIP3, worth   Php8,000.00(30 task), VIP4, worth Php20,000.00 (40 task), VIP5, worth Php40,000.00 (85 task) and VIP6 worth Php88,000.00 (120 task).  The investor can earn Php50.00 to Php3,600.00 daily or up to Php1,500.00 to PHP108,000.00 monthly depending on what plan they get.

However, LAZADA    E-SERVICES    PHILIPPINES, INC., in    a    letter    to    the Commission dated   15   November   2021, certified   that   it   is NOT connected   nor associated with PHLAZADA/PHLAZADA VIP/PHLAZADA INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO LTD.

PHMALL/PHMALL.APP offers six (6) VIP PLANS with corresponding 20 daily grabbing orders, VIP1, worth Php100.00 (free upon signing), VIP2, worth Php1,000.00, VIP3, worth Php5,000.00, VIP4, worth Php30,000.00, VIP5, worth Php80,000.00 and VIP6 worth Php200,000.00. Accordingly, investors can    earn Php320.00 to Php240,000.00 monthly depending on what plan they get. They can earn from direct order rebate 10%, and 5% for indirect order rebate and invitation rewards from Php100.00 to Php200,00.00. Investors can also earn from shared bank financial (wealth management expert) from 1.00% for 7-day period of purchase and up to 5.00% for 180-day period of purchase.

Phillq International Trade Co., Ltd./PHILLQ/ ( also claims to be a self-service order placement platform for all international E-Commerce Companies, supporting mainstream e-commerce platform such as Shopee, Lazada, Amazon and Ebay. As posted on its website, investors can join by registering first, then they can choose from any of the six (6) VIP PLANS with corresponding tasks: VIP1, worth Php1,000.00, VIP2, worth Php3,500.00, VIP3, worth Php8,000.00, VIP4, worth Php20,000.00, VIP5, worth Php40,000.00 and VIP6 worth Php88,000.00, accordingly. The investors can   earn Php1,500.00 to Php106,000.00 monthly depending on what VIP plan they get. An investor can also earn from direct order rebate 10%, and 5% for indirect order rebate. The membership is good for one (1) year.

DANEA RUBY CARDONES SOLMAYOR is engaged in clothing business under DTI-registered business name, Danea Clothing Wholesaling, and other trade names such as Mane Overruns, Must Have Online Shop, Mane Investments, and Mane Emergency Loans. She lures potential investors with great return of investment evidenced by written investment contracts. Specifically, under the Normal Exclusive Investment Scheme, an initial investment of Php25,000.00 guarantees a total return of Php30,000.00 (20%); Php100,000.00 promised a total return of Php150,000.00 (50%) with a lock in period of one month and expected weekly return of investment.  Moreover, a Normal   Initial   Investment of   Php25,000.00   guarantees   Php27,500.00 (10%); Php100,000.00 to Php125,000.00 (25%) return of investment in one week.

AXIECROWD ASIA promises that investment shall earn 50% in just a matter of fifteen (15) days. Presently, the entity has a special program where an investment shall earn seven times (7x) within a period of ninety (90) days plus other incentives. In addition, a 15% referral commission shall be given to investor who were able to recruit another to join into the scheme.

VICTORICH / / VICTORICH TRADES COMPANY is enticing the public to be “co-producers” of its program by purchasing a package for a minimum of Php500 inclusive of 1 pc. Peppermint Essential Oil and 1 pc. Lavender Essential Oil with 30% profit in 30 days

INFINITE PROFIT ASIA, headed by a certain BILLY FORD ANDRADA, a.k.a., “Kazumi Shimizu,” is advertising that its company is an innovative investment platform that allows investor to earn up to 8% daily income. It also promises earnings of 6% -8% daily income or 180% return in 30 days.

ZIGMATRADE/Zigma Trade offers 50% return of investment every 5 days within 30 days or a total Profit of 300% in 30 days.  The minimum investment per slot is Php500.00 with no maximum limit.  Further, it also has a Direct Referral Bonus of 3%. A member shall only need to invest, wait, and earn without having to do anything.

SUHAIL MEDICAL CENTER and SUHAIL MEDICAL CENTER INC. is enticing the public to be a co-owner of Suhail Medical Center for a promise of enjoying a lifetime revenue. It was further reported that a capital contribution of Php1,060,000 entitles a co-owner for 1 seat or half a seat for a contribution of Php550,000.  In the same FB Page, SUHAIL MEDICAL CENTER promises their co-owners the following: Guaranteed income, Revenue based on performance (quarterly), Free laboratories and check-ups for the co-owners and their next of kin, and a lifetime income.

As   posted   on A+/A-PLUS/A-PLUS-MALL/“A” PLUS INVESTMENT,  LLC.’s website and Facebook Page, investors can join by registering first, then they can choose from any of the three (3) VIP Levels which are, VIP 1, worth Php800.00,  VIP 2, worth Php5,700.00 and VIP  3,  worth  Php35,000.00 accordingly.    Investors can earn 10% commission for direct referral, 5% commission for indirect referral and 2% commission for subordinate.    Investors can also earn through invitation rewards amounting to Php50.0 up to Php25,000.00 depending on how many they have invited who availed of the said levels.

DOUBLE M GLOBAL TRADING is offering investments to the public with a minimum amount worth Php500and promises earnings of 300% of their investment in 15 days. Investors also have the chance to earn more through the following: 1. 20% commission through Direct Referral Bonus (DRB); 2. 1% unlilevel commission from 2nd level up to 10th level; and 3. 0.55 unilevel commission from 11th level up to 15th level A payout of 50%, 100% and 150% payout will be earned every 5 days for a total of 300% subject for 10% withdrawal maintenance deduction.

S  AMZ  SHOP/s  amz shop is   enticing   the   public,   through   social media   platform   or   through   its   own independent  website (, to  invest  in  said entity. As posted on its website, investors can join by registering first, then they can choose from any of the six (6) Levels with corresponding tasks: Level 1 worth Php200.00, Level 2 worth Php500.00, Level 3 worth Php1,000.00, Level 4 worth Php5,000.00, Level 5 worth Php10,000.00 and Level 6 worth Php500,000.00accordingly. Investors can earn100% or double their money after completing the tasks. Investors can also earn from 16% first level agency commission, 8% 2nd level agency commission and 4% for third level agency commission.  And lastly, investors need to recruit 10 investors to complete the task.


We are reminding the public to exercise caution when dealing with individuals or groups soliciting investments for and on their behalf.


Those who act as salesmen, brokers, dealers or agents in selling, convincing or recruiting people to invest in illegal schemes may be prosecuted and held criminally liable under Section 28 of the Securities Regulation Code (SRC) and penalized with a maximum fine of   FIVE MILLION   PESOS (P5,000,000.00) or a penalty   of   TWENTY-ONE (21)   YEARS   OF IMPRISONMENT or both.

Furthermore, the names of all those involved will be REPORTED TO THE BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE (BIR) so    that    the    appropriate    penalties    and/or    taxes be correspondingly assessed.

The Commission also highly encourages our LGUs to double check in approving the permits of these businesses and their owners.

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