THE CITY Social Welfare and Development Office said Monday that the OFW Family Welfare and Crisis Center has served 18 clients since its opening on May 2.

Lawyer Marlisa Gallo, head of the office, said of the number 15 were residents of the city, six were walk-ins and five reached out online.

Aside from financial assistance for OFWs and their families, the clients benefitted from psychosocial services offered by the OFW Family Welfare and Crisis Center.

“Dili tanan OFW maayo ang kahimtang sa gawas … Naay kakulangan sa pamilya, adjustment na pud sa pamilya most especially if the OFW is a family head, Gallo said.

She said said that although the Ordinance that created the crisis center puts emphasis on aiding documented OFWs, undocumented OFWs are also welcome to reach out to and that their families will not be excluded from the program’s services.

Aside from directly providing help to families of OFWs, the Family Welfare and Crisis Center also acts as a coordinating office between Davao City-based OFWs and the various national government agencies that covers OFW interests, she added.

To ensure an efficient system for the program, the CSWDO is set to create a database of Dabawenyo OFWs to better streamline information and acquire accurate demographics of Dabawenyo OFWs all over the world. A city-wide profiling of OFWs is currently ongoing.

The OFW Family Welfare and Crisis Center is located within the CSWDO main office on Magallanes St. For those who wish to know more about the services of the crisis center can call their hotlines:09999943577 and 0822256214 or email them

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