THE LOCAL government has enhanced the Sta. Ana Health Center to serve as the city’s COVID-19 Cluster Clinic (CCC) 1 for swabbing, contact tracing, teleconsultations, and facilitating quarantine and reintegration of recovered individuals. 

Photo courtesy by BigJay Lagang FB Page.

In an interview on COVID-19 Alert over the Davao City Disaster Radio, Davao City COVID-19 Task Force Spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser said the city government enhanced Sta Ana Health Center as this has been converted into a Cluster Clinic with more services used to be offered at the Cluster Clinic in Dona Vicenta Village. 

“Kung before ang swabbing half ra man, ang Sta Ana karon, the entire health (center) will be converted to CCC 1 (If before it is only swabbing, the Sta Ana, its entire health (center) will be converted to CCC 1),” she said.

COVID-19 Cluster Clinics function as a one-stop-shop for contact tracing and consultations for those who are manifesting COVID-19 symptoms. 

It is also where the swabbing, quarantine, and reintegration of recovered individuals are facilitated. 

The city government will open more COVID-19 Cluster Clinics at the Talomo River and in Ilang, Tibungco. These two facilities are nearing completion. 

Schlosser said that services in these cluster clinics are part of the city’s Prevention Detection Isolation Treatment Reintegration plus Strategy.

Apart from detection through swab tests in CCCs, Davao city’s district health offices and barangay health stations continue offering medical consultations for people who are experiencing Influenza-like-Illnesses (ILIs) and free swabbing. 

Wala pud nato gitanggal ang atoang strategy of doing ILI consult because it is the only way we can intensify case finding. So, if you have ILI you will be mandated to quarantine, and you have to submit yourself para magpa swab kahit wala kay exposure kay naa kay COVID-19 symptoms or manifesting COVID-19 symptoms (We did not stop our strategy of doing ILI consultation because it is the only way to intensify case finding. So if you have ILI, you will be mandated to quarantine and you have to submit yourself for swabbing even if you did not have the exposure because you have COVID-19 symptoms or you are manifesting COVID-19 symptoms),” she said.

Those who experience COVID-19 symptoms may still go to their nearest district health center, barangay health station, or CCC for medical attention and assistance with swabbing and quarantine.

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