FOR all that is worth, let it be said that the expression of gratitude should never be denied to anyone especially when they truly deserve it. In the realm of sports, it’s akin to honoring the competition rather than, say, sulking in one’s defeat or gloating in victory by downplaying the fallen. Perhaps, this is why the descriptive ‘worthy’ is always ascribed to when referring to one’s opponent. I am fully aware that like the rest of my kind, I will forever be relegated to the bin where all hopeless Dutertards are thrown, once the dust have settled. Praning or not, I have even felt at times the SMH stares and glares of some friends and acquaintances behind my back. Yet, through it all, though unfriended and at times blocked, the trick to just trudge on without a care, is still the most effective remedy.

No matter what some members of the intelligentsia are negatively saying now, near at the penultimate day of his presidential term, you have to thank the man. It is by no means an easy feat to accomplish all that their administration has done in only a span of six short years. No matter how some segments of traditional media and paid hacks try to frame it, no other presidency in our history can top what they have accomplished, and quite surely, any future president will have a difficult time duplicating its exploits. In fact, when the president confided that time was a factor in not fully implementing some of their administration’s goals, these very same critics hailed it as a “failure” therefore, clearly refusing to place it against the glaring backdrop of many accomplishments.

Despite all the misinformation, disinformation, negative critiques and the kitchen sink, the positive determination of the outgoing administration to forge forward, has, without doubt, brought our nation’s journey from dense forest to eventually breaking the clearing and reaching the ocean. And then, when this administration found it full of trash, they employed a dolomite resolve to recapture our lost view of sunsets. One German blogger said it best, while past presidencies have believed in “possible but difficult” approach to projects, thereby accomplishing little, the outgoing one had employed the “difficult but possible” tenet, which ensured its build, build, build attitude.

In essence, this is what six years have been: while the cloud of corona may have dimmed the skies for a quarter of the office’s duration, we have persevered and it’s safer to breathe again. Surely, while in the days ahead, the very same dissenting voices that have been consistent throughout all of the last six years to breathe out unbending bias, remain steadfast in their belief that they are finally rid of their foe, they still have to explain why this administrations’ achievement rating is high despite their efforts. Perhaps for them, doggedly refusing to call a spade a spade, is a grave sin, especially when things do not go their way. But of course we already know that. After all, it is as predictable as flooding in clogged esteros.

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