By Icoy San Pedro

KIDS definitely have it so good; enjoying each day as it comes, while at the same time, treating all them days as ordinarily like any other. There might perhaps be irony there, but for what it’s worth, we might as well allude that to innocence, encapsulated in just a few words. (Suffice to say, I may have only a few memories left of my own pre-school days, but what I remember of them however, is endless days of sun and playtime.)

On the other hand, the lump sum of days called weekends, becomes a more unsettling concept when you’re a kid. And unless there was something personally significant that is attached to them, children would treat them the same. Truth is, they only have a vague concept of what it is even, and it’s beyond them as to why working adults and parents value these so much. For kids, the idea of weekends is usually limited in scope, down to a particular time when parents become suddenly free enough to take them kids out on stays at the beach or some other exotic places they consider as fun.

In this sense, it might perhaps be the only common thing they share with the elders and adults who, unbeknownst to them, consider weekends as almost a sacred time and a break from the monotony of work and the pursuit of the legal tender.

Alas, we do not begrudge them of this simple thinking. Kids will be kids and it’s best we, up till a time, we leave them be. But going back to weekends, I guess it matters not how differently we view it. Nor should we even care.

A friend once said “What’s important is we share our weekends with the ones we hold dear… and as much as possible”. I then remembered saying that mostly for many others, it’s used as either a time to recharge or an opportunity to let loose. In the long run, it really didn’t matter what people did with their weekends, as long as, adult-wise, they’re all ready for Monday. (Used to be, I didn’t really know what the term ‘Monday sucks’ meant, but now, with a senior passport, it doesn’t matter anymore.)

All around, it has still been the same. Even as the available outdoor activities that could be had for all age groups have doubled since the lifting of quarantine regulations, much of these are pretty much still done on Fridays till Sundays. Useless junk, if you’re a kid.


Source: Mindanao Times (