“IN THE CBCP`s Pastoral Exhortation in 1997: `Philippine Politics`, these question were asked: `How do we go about changing the way politics is done in the Philippines so that instead of being a stumbling block, it positively contributes to integral development, including the spiritual growth of our people? How do we renew politics so that it becomes a channel for our peoples` wellbeing and growth in the life of grace? How do we ensure that the truths about faith and politics… do not remain unattainable ideals but they become a reality?” (Chito R. Gavino III. “Further Pricking of Conscience”, 2002)

 In 1997, the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) was very concerned with Constitutional Change. However, in 1999, CBCP rejected the moves to amend the Philippine Constitution as “these were perceived to be based on self-serving motives”. Today, CBCP is still against amending the unresponsive and inadequate 1987 Constitution due to fear of change! CBCP favors the status quo which breeds stagnation. How sad. Where`s its Christ-like passion and boldness? Comfort and complacency seem to be the rule now. How ironic! How sad.

 We have a very sick Philippine Society. Our people and country are caught in fourteen (14) traps and deeply mired in two (2) omissions. The following are our questions to our new 2022 President about our current dilemma:

How do you intend to heal our sick society trap?

How will you address the spiritual/morality trap?

How will you address the health trap?

How will you address the environmental trap?

How will you address the longest insurgency trap?

How will you address the demographic trap?

How will you address the poverty trap?

How will you address the economic trap?

How will you address the debt trap?

How will you address the political trap?

How will you address the crime, illegal drugs and violence trap?

How will you address the graft and corruption trap?

How will you address the bulging and inefficient bureaucratic trap?

How will you address the education trap?

What is your Vision for the Philippines?

What is your Mission for our country?


We hope and pray that our new President will be an inspirational, healer and unifier Servant-Transformation political leader with vision, integrity, competence, compassion and commitment. May our new President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. lead our nation as a “worthy representative of God”. This is the litmus test for him/her.

Our Catholic Church must be proactive, not only vigilant, but must strongly support political reforms in the Philippines, because “Philippine politics – the way it is practiced has been now most harmful to us as a people”. This is imperative for us to move forward.

Politics has its spiritual and ethical dimensions. Based on this truth. The Catholic Church proposed five bases for her mission were proposed namely:

“1. The Gospel and the Kingdom of God call for the Church’s involvement in politics.

  1. The Church’s Mission of Integral Salvation involves the temporal sphere.
  2. Salvation is from personal and social sin, including sin in the political sphere.
  3. The Church has an option for the poor in the field of politics.
  4. The way of the Church is the human person who is affected by politics.”

There is no such thing as absolute separation of the Church and the State in the Philippines. The true measure of a Church`s accomplishments is how she fights the inhumane, unjust and oppressive structure/systems in our society. At these challenging times, passion and boldness are expected of our Church, per Pope Francis. Activism, not being merely vigilant, is the call of the times. Christian Filipinos and their churches should be Christ-like as “peaceful revolutionaries”.

Our Catholic Church must lead the way of “Lighting a fire under” our political leaders to exercise Servant – Transformative leadership if elected. Elected officials are expected to work for the common good. Their mission is to do God’s work on earth.

To our politicians, we recommend this “Politician`s Prayer”:

“Lord God, help me to carry out my duties as a politician.

This is indeed a big responsibility. The road ahead to follow the path of truth, honestly and integrity is rugged and dangerous. There is always the danger at every turn and corner falling into the evil system of graft and corruption and succumbing to the temptation of always wanting to remain in power. Let me not end up just looking after my public image and neglecting the weightier matter that is public service. Be with me, Lord, and guide me so that even in my weakest moment I may find the courage and strength to stand up for my principles and to serve the public interest above my own. I pray for my country and my fellow citizens. Give us the true spirit of nationalism that we my fellow citizens. Give us the true spirit of nationalism that we may work together for the common good and the progress of our nation for peace, justice and solidarity. Amen.”

May I humbly suggest that both Houses of Congress adopt this “Prayer” to be said at the start of their irrespective sessions. This suggestion also goes to the Executive Branch of our government.


Source: Mindanao Times ( https://mindanaotimes.com.ph/2022/06/17/random-thoughts-our-church-and-our-new-president/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=random-thoughts-our-church-and-our-new-president)