IT’S really unfortunate that there are still people who cannot move on until now from the debacle of their favored candidates during the last national and local elections. But we commiserate with them as far as their comparison of some of their bets against some of those who won in the senatorial race.

     Yes, in the case of Chell Diokno, we agree that he should have been among the top if his credentials are to be considered. Imagine a Juris Doctor failing to make it! It simply is a waste of talent. But then again it is an election. And to be able to market a person to the electorate even with his credentials is a totally different thing than owning this and that mental capability. And for us it all boils down to the strategy adopted by the campaign managers of the opposition. Instead of concentrating their efforts in reaching out to the voters and presenting the persons of their candidates they delved more in painting their opponents and the administration as the most evil who could not do any good for the country and the people. They forgot the one trait the Filipinos are known for – that of empathizing with the underdog. Then they got the sympathy of most of Luzon-based top Catholic Church prelates who are supposed to preach forgiveness and not being judgmental but did not. So, when the smoke of the political battle dissipated, all the avid backers of the opposition could do and remain doing is to complain and raise their suspicion that the election of the winners was a “done deal.” And they point their fingers to the Commission on Elections, the Smartmatic, and the Dennis Uy-led Logistics firm that got the contract to ship the election paraphernalia all over the country.

     These opposition backers – or call them its trolls – seem so certain that the earlier-mentioned entities were conniving with each other in doing a technology-driven mass cheating favoring the winning candidates. But why is it that up until now they haven’t coupled their passionate assertion with action if they really have proof of the cheating and technical manipulation of the results? They should have immediately filed a formal protest in the proper electoral tribunal against the declared winning senators and the President- and Vice President-elect. But they have not. Instead they continue to dish out allegations perhaps for the purpose of igniting anger from the people and their fellow Opposition sympathizers hoping that they go to the streets and launch another people power?

     This again, makes us believe even more to a statement posted in social media supposedly coming from the queen of England that says: “The problem with the Philippines is not its government; the problem is the Filipino people.”


     Three more days and the inauguration of incoming Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio in Davao City will be done. She was reported to take her oath with one of the Supreme Court Associate Justices who was her teacher in her law school days.

     The inauguration will bring to Davao City a number of top political, diplomatic, judicial and business personalities. That is why we are not surprised at all if the law enforcement agencies in the city are not leaving any stone unturned to ensure that the proclaimed winning Vice President, her top visitors including her father outgoing President Rodrigo R. Duterte, possibly President-elect Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., and her fellow Davaoenos of course, will be secured to the maximum.   

     Yes, indeed. The security measures being laid out must not leave a single loophole for any  attempted breach. Should there be one, it would be a major slap not just to VP Sara but to his father the President as well.

     Of course we are not wishing for any such eventuality. But even the best among the members of the Intelligence community cannot at all times read the minds of people with criminal or terroristic instinct. So, it is only right that the law enforcement authorities must be paranoid in securing the inauguration activities.


Source: Mindanao Times (