The City government will assign teams to district health centers as part of the vaccination rollout against COVID-19 next month.

This as the district health centers will be the vaccination sites as those other sites will start to be closed at the end of the month, said Dr. Josephine Villafuerte, vaccination cluster head.

“I-turn over nato siya (vaccination) sa atoang district centers pagkatapos ang atoang vaccination team ibutang sa district offices,” she said, pointing out that those assigned to vaccination haves will be assigned to the centers.

“Mas nearer sa tao (ang vaccination) and masuyod ang mga barangays,” she said, adding that district vaccination will focus on residents of the place. The district health center will be the one to hold barangay vaccinations.

“Ang district health center, sila na maghimo og strategy, unsa nga adlaw ug pila ka adlaw sa isa ka barangay,” she added.


Source: Mindanao Times (