THE CITY COVID-19 Task Force has called on Davaoeños anew to get their booster shots as the two-dose efficacy usually wanes after six months, just like any other routine vaccine.

As of July 15, 2022, only 284,419 individuals, or 21.47 percent of the 1,324,560 fully immunized Davaoeños received their first COVID-19 booster shots. And of the 21.47 percent, only 14.16 percent or 40,290 got their second booster doses.

City COVID-19 Task Force spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser, in an interview over 87.5 FM Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR) program, said: “We are strengthening the information education campaign para mas maengganyo ang mga katawhan to have their first or second booster dose. By ruling gyud, naa’y waning down of the effectiveness of the vaccine (We are strengthening the information education campaign to encourage the public to have their first or second booster dose. By ruling, there’s waning down of the effectiveness of the vaccine).”

Studies, according to her, show that the COVID-19 vaccine’s effectiveness waned after six months, which is why boosters are needed.

Other routine vaccines for children and adults also need to be received periodically, like the flu shots that are administered annually, while regular children’s vaccines also have their boosters.

The booster rollout for vulnerable priority group A2 is also slow, with only 33,778 or 31.40 percent of the 107,586 fully vaccinated senior citizens receiving their first booster jabs as of July 15.

Of this number, only 8,140 or 24.10 percent, received their second booster shots.

Schlosser said the A1 (medical frontliners), A2 (senior citizens), A3 (adults with comorbidities), and the immunocompromised individuals are priorities for the second booster jabs.

She hopes that they grab the opportunity of being the priority of the government to receive the second boosters because they belong to the vulnerable group.

Sila ang high-risk of getting the infection, high-risk pud sila makakuha og severe type of COVID-19. I hope masabtan gyud nila ang importansya sa pagkuha sa ilang second booster dose (They are in the vulnerable group, they are at high risk of getting the infection, and high risk of getting a severe type of COVID-19. I hope they understand the importance of getting their second booster dose),” the city health official added.

Davao City’s lone death from July 10 to July 16, 2022, was an unvaccinated senior belonging to the 60 years old and above group.

Schlosser said a two-dose series with a booster of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine would boost a person’s immunity against the coronavirus, protect him or her against the severity of the disease and reduce the risk of getting severe to critical symptoms that may lead to death.

She said fully vaccinated individuals and those who received booster doses only manifest mild or no symptoms at all when they contract COVID-19.

As of July 16, Davao City has 220 active COVID-19 cases with 128 asymptomatic, 85 mild, four moderate, and three severe cases.

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