By Icoy San Pedro

EVEN s I still have to validate its supposed-source, I find this meme statement interesting. ‘the Japanese say you have three faces. The first you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends and family. The third face you never show to anyone. It is the true reflection of what you are.’

I surely hope that does not presuppose that we’re all liars in front of people. We don’t want them to think that of us. While that idea of being untrue may however make for another interesting topic, it begs the question: how truthful are we really, with whatever we project of ourselves, when with others?

In theater, there’s a certain principle about projecting, such as making big movements in order to compensate for one’s tiny presence on a large stage. Perhaps, that might apply here. Aren’t we all entertainers, in a way? Remember, it’s not good to deny it or lie about it because as the saying goes, liars go to hell.

Then I heard about the Johari Window on the subject of self-awareness. Now used in offices as tool for enhancing work relations, it basically encourages individuals to share information about themselves and eventually gain trust among co-workers. Sharing the face, so to speak. This is as short as I can put it.

Private or personal information may understandably remain un-shareable, so that they are categorized under the window of Hidden Area. Another window, the Open area is where one’s skills or expertise, behavior, and attitude are known by all, so it’s like a common ground for teamwork. A third window, the Blind Spot Area is information about an individual known only by co-workers and unknown to that person. It could be an attitude that may be offensive to others the individual is unaware of. The last window is the Unknown, where skills or behavior of a person is yup, unknown to both the person and co-workers. Overall the objective of this whole exercise is to enlarge the Open Area and slowly decrease the Hidden and the Unknown areas in a person so that all can better function as a team.

We’ve lost ourselves there. Let’s just go back to the Japanese meme. I might as well be using my first face when I talk to you, I don’t have to be personal when we’re just acquaintances or professionally-related. The second and third faces of mine on the other hand, interblend so easily, with the third which I keep to myself remaining as but only a fraction which I keep close to my chest, password protected.

Interestingly, all these in this article however, have just curiously sprung from one word I kept seeing online since the SONA yesterday. The word is “Cosplay”.

Source: Mindanao Times (