By Icoy San Pedro

YESTERDAY, our apo (grandson) who’s based in Japan became a first-time dad and technically turned me into a great grandpa now four times over. Today is the birthday of both a nephew by my late brother (who passed away in April last year) and another nephew’s lovable twins, Drei and Drew. The clan keeps growing and there’s still another baby on the way. Meanwhile, our ever-lively niece has unexpectedly flown in from the US for a brief visit after a long absence.  All these good things, all at once, have been nothing but a whirlwind of great news neatly packed in just two days. 

At times, it’s really quite unbelievable when, even in the wake of trials, new beginnings and life celebrations such as these, make an invariable difference at viewing the world. Pessimistic as I may be at times, I say they leave us pleased and warm inside, even as we think that these are but fleeting moments and once they are over, it’s always “back to the grind.”

I may have said in the past that believing in that term is insane because truth is, the grind never stops, regardless of how many interplaying good things go in between. Perhaps, it could all be perspective or just a matter of attitude. Surely, there is a lot of temptation involved in continuing to rest in the shade after a few hours of work in the sun and they say, these good times are just that. Just saying.

Even back in school, teachers had always reminded us of the dangers of procrastination, the “mañana” habit of leaving things for tomorrow when one could do it today. And true enough, too much of a good thing can lull us to just be that no matter what generation we belong to. 

Leaving the topic of fam behind, have we all had too much of a good thing? Surely, with what we enjoy now, we have a lot to be grateful for and openly thankful about. Here’s the thing, are these enough to stop us at where we’re presently at? I overheard one government worker quip the other day that it’s difficult nowadays to drive back to work because her political idols are no more. Difficult to “move on”, she says. 

I purely wish that she or others like her, quickly snap out of it and get back ‘in the grind’; not only because it’s her obligation and job to do so but also because it had been service (in the real sense of the word) which had been the backbone behind her idol’s mindset when they held office too. 


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