A COUNCILOR IN THE NEWLY-ASSUMED City Council is reported to be deprived of chairmanship of any committee; not even the most insignificant one.  But we hope he too, is not devoid of membership of  any committee in the City’s Legislative Branch.

    If it is true, and we assume it is because it is not the first time in the history of the City Council, we are not surprised. The city dad who is very familiar to us and perhaps to most Davaoenos, should not hold any grudge about his misfortune.  He should relish instead the fact that despite his having been thrown out of the official line-up of the ruling party in the local government during the last election he still made it to the number 8 slot. Thanks to his father and the family name he bears.

     Yes, when the then candidate was dropped from the official lineup it was already clear indication that he might have done something inimical to the party or to the interest of the party gods. So he ended up campaigning in all his lonesome. But as we said his family name is too popular that voters can easily recall not so much of the councilman’s performance during his previous stint at the local legislative body but because the family name loudly rings a bell.

     And since the name catapulted him back to the Sanggunian despite efforts of the other candidates, and possibly the gods, to cancel him, he still made it. But certainly the party is not through with him. Now that he is back the only way to get back at him is to deny the councilor chairmanship of any committee. That would mean that whatever ordinance he would introduce will be at the mercy of the committee that is appropriate to discuss it on the preliminary level.

     And worse, he will have no additional perks as councilor because without a chairmanship he will not be able to receive honorarium which is in fixed amount and given corresponding to the number of committee meetings done each month. Of course if he is given membership he can still get what is due for committee members only. And that would be in addition to his travel allowances if asked to go outside of the city on official business.

     However, the issue of committee chairmanship is not so much on the money. It is more on the prestige accompanying the chairmanship position, especially of powerful bodies in the council like Ways, Means and Finance Committee, Public Works committee, Energy Committee and others that many consider as “juicy.”

     Indeed it is a pity that this councilor may have relevant potentials but could not harness it to the maximum because he has no SP body to preside when deliberating proposed ordinances or resolving policy issues of the city government.

     If he does not make any initiative to be seen as relevant, then he will be the exact example of a man watching a sailboat passing by. In Cebuano, “Mora ug nagtan-aw ug naglayag nga banka.”


     It’s over a week now since the shooting incident at a local bar happened. One life – that of a young man – was snapped after the last bullet was fired. Based on the statements issued by the spokespersons of the Regional Police Office (RPO) XI, so far no case has yet been filed against the suspect, a medical doctor who is a non-uniformed employee of the Philippine National Police (PNP), because police probers are still “digging deeper” into the case so the appropriate charges can be filed.

     Meanwhile, the spokesperson, a lawyer, further said that even without any charge the suspect is in detention at the San Pedro Police station. But media people, however, are complaining that they have no way of confirming if indeed he is inside cell because no one from among them is allowed to see and talk to the suspect without permission from the his lawyer or his family. Police personnel at the station also appear to be subservient to the instruction of the suspect’s lawyer.

     And there is this report circulating around that even the police blotter which is supposed to be public records are not anymore made open for scrutiny if it has something to do with the case. Anyone, according to talks circulating in the media circle, who wants to see the blotter will have to seek permission from the desk officer or the station commander much more from the suspect’s lawyer.

     While we agree one hundred percent that a suspect to any crime has his rights intact as to protect him/herself from incrimination, the public also deserves to know what is being done on the case especially by the police who are tasked to protect the interest of the people.

    And the police are saying there is no special treatment as far as the suspect is concerned, and there is no effort at whitewashing the incident.

     Since the case is a public crime we are looking at the immediate term Mayor Baste’s stand on the matter. The shooting happens in his city which its officials stand proud in claiming the police is doing very well in maintaining its peace and order and it never sleeps if there are crimes to be solved.   




Source: Mindanao Times ( https://mindanaotimes.com.ph/2022/07/11/62412/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=62412)