OUR column missed its space on this page yesterday. We beg for the indulgence of our readers. Frankly, we have some problems with our internet connection starting early Monday morning. It was restored to full capacity at shortly before 12 noon, already past the time given us by the editorial department for submission for the column to meet the deadline for inclusion in the succeeding day’s issue.
Sorry for our omission.
Last Monday while watching the news on television we felt quite nostalgic.
Yes, we sorely missed an annual activity conducted by the Department of Education (DepEd) with which the company we used to work until our retirement was – and still is – very much involved in – the annual Brigada Eskwela. It is one activity conducted shortly before the opening of each school year and participated in by the school stakeholders among them the teachers themselves, students (some), the parents, the businesses within the school jurisdiction, various community organizations, uniformed personnel of government like the police, military, coastguard, and even firemen.
Davao Light and Power co., a unit belonging to the Aboitiz conglomerate in Davao City usually selects a particular school where its employees converge to do all kinds of work that prepare the school for the return of students and teachers.
The job of coordinating with the school concerned and the employees who are willing to lend their time for the volunteer work, happened to be ours being the head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department (CSR).
So when we saw the men and women doing the chores like cleaning the school surroundings, carrying debris, painting desks and chairs, cleaning the walls and a lot more work we could not help but be taken back by our memory to the years when we too, did exactly what the Brigada participants last Monday did.
Honestly, whoever thought of the idea that lead to the conceptualization of the Brigada deserves accolade from the school authorities, the parents, the students, and the government.
The engagement of the various stakeholders only indicates one thing – that our people really want school surroundings to be ideal to all Filipino learners.
Finally the City Health Office (CHO) of Davao City has declared the diarrhea outbreak in Toril as already contained – even over. But it caused the death of six persons and the hospitalization of nearly a hundred others. In fact there are still some who are yet in the hospital waiting for the doctor’s go signal for their release. But we are certain that their continued stay in the hospital is not about unpaid medical bills as the city government has committed to assist the patients through the Lingap Center. Thanks to Mayor Baste for his gesture of generosity.
Without doubt the announcement of the CHO that while the findings as to the cause of the disease outbreak was the presence of ecoli bacteria in the water drunk by customers of street foods from several ambulant vendors along Rasay st. in Toril proper, it was found that the water supplied by the Davao City Water District (DCWD) from the source up to the water meter is free of the bacteria. Meaning, and as confirmed in the test, the bacteria existed only in the water from the meter up to where this is finally used for washing the food, or put inside glasses and served to the customers.
Therefore, residents of Toril district who are not consumers of street foods peddled by vendors along Rasay st. and even those living in other parts of the city supplied water by DCWD can heave a sigh of relief feeling that they are safe of the water they drink daily.
In effectively containing the diarrhea outbreak and successfully determining the cause of the illness the CHO now headed by Dr. Ashley Lopez deserves everyone’s accolade. The people at the CHO have done their job well. We hope they will continue to pursue their dedication to their duty.
It looks like the opposition – or those who are so rabid in their desire to have their backed candidate win –is far from ready to accept defeat and perhaps will never respond to the administration’s call for unity.
The other day certain netizen who is hiding himself or herself under the account name of “Knights of Democracy” posted his/her suspicion that the fire that gutted the main office building of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in Intramuros, Manila was not caused by an accident or any normal circumstances. The troll masquerading as a simple netizen-blogger insinuated that it was a deliberate burn to do away with all evidence of cheating through the computer. Well, if that is his/her way of manifesting his love of country then let him/her go ahead. But he/she can do better if proofs will be presented – not speculations and intrigues.

Source: Mindanao Times ( https://mindanaotimes.com.ph/2022/08/03/rough-cuts-21/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rough-cuts-21)