A HIGH-VALUE drug suspect was killed by elements of Sasa police in a buy-bust operation  in Malagamot corner Estores Road, Panacan, on Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Meanwhile, three individuals, including a foreign national, were also arrested by operatives of the Toril police in a buy-bust operation at Purok- 17, Mamac Compound, Baragay. Bato, Toril, on Sept. 27.

Police identified the slain suspect as Alvin Cari├▒o Makiling, 32, single, driver, resident of Lower Rapnaga Bago Aplaya, this city.

Sasa Police Station chief Major Jake Goles, said the suspect is considered a top 7 regional level high-value Individual.

The Sasa police was aided by the 1105th mobile company, Regional Mobile Force Battalion and Davao City Maritime Police Station conducted the joint buy bust operation.

According to the report, Makiling sold illegal drugs wrapped in a color brown paper to a police undercover, after confirming that it was a sachet containing the suspected dried marijuana leaves with fruiting tops with an estimated street value of P21,760. The operative also handed over the buy-bust marked money to the suspect.

But before the undercover cop could reveal himself as a police officer, the suspect resisted the arrest.

Subsequently, the suspect pushed the police operative, who fell down to the ground. He (the suspect) then pulled an undetermined firearm from his  black sling bag and fired once at the police operative, the report added.

However, the police officer rolled to the ground to avoid getting hit. The suspect ran toward the inner portion of Estores Road, prompting another cop  to give chase.

 The suspect shot the chasing police officer. 

 This prompted the pursuing police officer to use his issued firearm to shoot the suspect in the body. 

However, despite getting hit, the suspect managed to take another shot at the pursuing officer. 

Fortunately, the suspect did not hit the police officer, the latter then fired again hitting the suspect who crumpled to the ground. 

After the incident, the suspect was immediately brought by the mobile patrol 75 to Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC).

The duty investigator and the Scene of the Crime Operatives team conducted parallel investigation at the crime scene and recovered a .357 revolver without serial number loaded with three pieces of fired cartridge, and three pieces live ammunition, four pieces fired cartridge case believed to be fired from a 9mm pistol. 

Furthermore, the suspect was declared dead on arrival by his attending physician at around 12:34 a.m. of Sept. 28

During the conduct of body search to the suspect, the team also seized four sachets of shabu worth P83,000.

They also seized a black sling bag, blue Vivo android phone with brown cover, P,1500 cash, driver’s license, voters registration card, QR code card, vaccination card, five pieces boodle money, and color black wallet.

The body of the suspect is now at the morgue of SPMC for proper disposition.

Meanwhile, three individuals including a foreign national were also arrested by operatives of Toril police in a buy bust operation at Purok- 17, Mamac Compound, Barangay Bato, Toril, on Sept. 27.

 Major Carol Jabagat, commander of the Toril Police Station, identified them as Dindo Ardimer Abarca, 38, married, construction worker, and a resident of Purok- 15, Paradise, Manggahan, Brgy. Crossing Bayabas; Charity Joy Pagdilao Carato, 37, single (live-in), businesswoman and a resident of Purok- 17, Mamac Compound, Barangay. Bato, and Greg David Richardson (foreign national), 49, (live-in), businessman and a resident of aforementioned address.  

According to the report, Abarca was arrested at around 7:47 p.m. of Sept. 27 at Purok- 17, Mamac Compound in a buy-bust operation after handing sachet of shabu with estimated weight of 0.12 grams to a cop. Meanwhile, Carato and Richardson were arrested at the same time and place after they were caught in the act having a pot session. 

Seized from them were four sachets of shabu, buy-bust money, and other drug paraphernalia, report said.

Police said the estimated weight of seized drug items is 0.45 grams with more or less street market value of more or less P 7,200.

The suspects are now temporarily withheld at Toril Police Station while pertinent documents are being prepared for filling a case thru summary inquest proceedings.


Source: Mindanao Times ( https://mindanaotimes.com.ph/2022/09/29/64887/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=64887)