(l-r): Jackie Aquino, GM Christoph Kuch, Daimler Demeterio, Dodjie Batu, Lanie A. Merilo

THE good news for Davao’s fashionistas and gemophiles is that the international hotel brand, Dusit Davao, has partnered with the Emilia Sitjar Jewellery to “elevate the fashion scene of Davao” with a Charity Gala featuring the fashion creations of the Davao Fashion and Design Council.  The proceeds of the Charity Gala will be for the benefit of the SOS Children’s Village of Davao City.

Dusit Davao GM Christoph Kuch

 It was last October 5th when the Dusit properties in Davao officially announced the “Dusit x Emilia Sitjar Jewellery Charity Gala.” The MOA signing event held at dusitD2 was attended by the suave GM Christoph Kuch, the vivacious Cluster DOSM Leilani Alkuino Merilo, Emilia Sitjar Jewellery’s bright and hardworking Managing Director Emil Sitjar, SOS Village Philippines-Davao’s representative Daimler Demeterio, the artistic Davao Fashion and Design Council President Dodjie Batu, and the respected fashion show director from Manila, Jackie Aquino. 

With the signing of the contracts done in the presence of the city’s media representatives, GM Christoph Kuch delivered his heartfelt message, “We are very happy to give Davao something grand but with a virtuous purpose this post-pandemic time. Our partners are the best in their own fields, with the Emilia Sitjar Jewellery and the DFDC taking the fashion scene in Mindanao a notch higher through this wonderful event. Of course, all these will be for the benefit of the SOS Children’s Village in Davao who are in need of help especially in these difficult times. It’s a great way to give back to the community and make a positive difference in young people’s lives.”

Dusit Thani Director for Sales & Marketing Leilani Alkuino Merilo

Emil Sitjar and Dodjie Batu expressed their excitement and gratefulness for the proposed Charity Gala, an expected grand event of the year in Davao. A product of the collaborative outputs from the partners, the Dusit Charity Gala will also mark Dusit Davao’s 3rd anniversary celebration with a strong commitment to help the community by providing practical help and goodwill to those who are in need or suffering. “Bringing people together who care about a relevant cause can make a big difference and help raise awareness,” pointed out the always well-dressed Lanie Alkuino Merilo.

The SOS Children’s Village Philippines–Davao was established in 1981.  It is the only children’s village of its kind in the entire region. Helping children who face dire conditions in life, the admirable organization continues while struggling to provide support to families and children to have better living conditions.  “This is such a privilege for us in SOS having these partners and for Dusit to consider us as their beneficiary.  The forthcoming resources will be a very big help for the programs and plans we have envisioned for the kids. We look forward to contribute on the special occasion as much as we can,” gratefully expressed Daimler Demeterio.

Emil Sitjar (center) talks on Emilia Sitjar Jewellery

The two-day event will be held on November 11 and 12, 2022, with a series of activities. The first day of the Dusit Charity Gala will have the opening ceremonies, and the commencement of the Dusit Charity Gala Masterclass and the Emilia Sitjar Jewellery Private Show at the Presidential Suite.

The Masterclass will have lectures from four esteemed speakers namely Emil Sitjar for Jewellery as Investment; Emi Englis of DFDC on The Evolution of Mindanao Fashion; Patty Betita on Elevating Your Persona; and Renee Salud on Building a Fashion Empire. The Masterclass is aimed for the benefit of dedicated students in related fields of fashion (Php 1500 net), hobbyists, freelancers, and interested individuals (Php 1800 net). The rates are inclusive of lunch and snacks for the full-day session.  The private show of Emilia Sitjar Jewellery, however, is strictly by invitation and appointment.

(seated, l-r): Bamba Limon, Edgar Buyan. (standing, l-r): Emi Englis, Aztec Barba, Jackie Aquino, Dodjie Batu, Windel Mira, Egay Ayag

The second-day will have the staging of the Dusit Charity Gala Night which starts at 6PM at the Dusit Thani Grand Ballroom. Table and individual rates are available for guests, inclusive of a 4-course Thai special dinner, a gala booklet, and a raffle ticket. A table reservation is pegged at Php 76,000 net for 10 persons; while an individual ticket costs Php 8,000 net. 

The show promises to be a visually striking spectacle with the eight collections from the Davao Fashion and Design Council. Designs from Dodjie Batu, Aztec Barba, Emi Englis, Edgar Buyan, Benjie Panizales, Windel Mira, Bamba Limon, and Egay Ayag are themed as “Elements.”  An added highlight of the fashion show will be the presentation of the  glittering collection of Emilia Sitjar Jewellery. 

Davao’s media with Dusit Davao’s Ariesha Faith Dimaano

The well-known fashion event director of Manila, Jackie Aquino from JCA Productions, excitingly shared his view, “Mindanao has so much to offer and I cannot wait to put all these creations into a memorable show. Kudos to Dusit Davao and its partners. I am sure the SOS Children’s Village will gain all the help it deserves.” 

For ticket reservations for the Masterclass and Gala Night, please email davao@dusit.com or call +63 (82) 272 7500.



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