LISTENING to choral music is, truly, one of life’s thrills especially if you are a music-loving Pinoy.  As it is experienced, good music goes through the heart of our humanity and our being.  When a Filipino sings with the aid of a karaoke/videoke  or competes in a singing contest, you are always guaranteed that the singer will express his soul in the song he/she sings.  Imagine then when talented Pinoy singers get together as a group of multiple voices of traditional soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices producing classic choral sounds blending well with a keen sense and control of rhythm.

The Philippine Madrigal Singers/The Madz

     For 59 years now, the University of the Philippines’ Madrigal Singers has earned praises all over the world.  It has consistently won prizes in the world’s most prestigious choral competitions, and prides itself for being the first choir in the world to win the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing both in 1997 and in 2007.  National Artist for Music, the late Professor Andrea O. Veneracion, who founded the group in 1963, introduced  world-class Filipino choral artistry  to the world as the University of the Philippines’ Madrigal Singers won its victory  in music festivals and concerts all over the globe.

     Recognized by the UNESCO as Artists for Peace for “putting their fame and influence to promote cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue, and a culture for peace,” the Madz is one of the most awarded choral groups in the world, having won all the top prizes in the world’s most prestigious choral competitions including the Grand Prix in the 2016 Concurso Internazionale di Guido d’Arezzo in Italy. The Madz distinguishes itself for being the first Asian choir to be accorded the BrandLaureate Premier Award by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation in 2012 for the group “to achieve greater excellence and leadership.”

The Madz conductor and musical director Mark Anthony Carpio

     The Madz established its reputation as a pioneering force in choral music and an inspirational role model for other choirs.  This choral group is known for its virtuosity across a vast repertoire range, its continuing promotion of Filipino choral works, and the rousing and emotional impact that each performance has on all audiences the world over.  The members sing in the distinctive setup of sitting in a semicircle, with the conductor sitting together with them, for which they are well-known for.  Presently, it’s maestro Mark Anthony Carpio who serves as conductor and musical director of the group.

     The good news is that the phenomenal and multi-awarded Philippine Madrigal Singers will serenade Davaoenos through a benefit concert named “PAGDASIG, the Madz Inspires thru Music,” on November 30, 2022, at 7:00 pm, at the RSM Events Center of Philippine Womens College, University Avenue, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City.  Proceeds of the Madz concert will help fund the Archdiocesan Nourishment Center.  For ticket reservation, message the official FB page


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