Delivery services have been riding high since the onset of the pandemic. As the country’s leading online quick commerce platform, foodpanda continues to expand its services and operations to meet the growing demand of consumers and businesses.

foodpanda is currently rolling out its latest on-demand service pandago in Davao. With pandago, foodpanda users can now enjoy a convenient and affordable delivery service for everyone’s personal or business needs.

“From being a trusted quick-commerce digital platform, we also aim to give Filipinos the convenience of having items such as documents, gifts, and packages delivered to their family and friends— with the same easy-to-use convenience that our foodpanda users are accustomed to when ordering their favorite food from their favorite restaurants,” said Patricia Jacinto, operations director of foodpanda Philippines.

The availability of pandago means customers can now make use of the effortless and reliable on-demand delivery service any time of the day.

According to Jacinto, “as we find ourselves in the Christmas season again, the instant padala service pandago can be your most dependable helper for the holiday as well. pandago guarantees that all your gifts or any items are well-cared for and will arrive safely at all your loved ones’ doorsteps.”

Delivery fees start at a low base fee, with additional per-kilometer distance-based fees. Items that can be delivered include perishables, essential documents, medicines, and even surprise gifts.

With foodpanda’s extensive fleet of delivery partners, users can have their packages delivered 24/7, within a short amount of time. Now, you no longer have to worry about long parcel deliveries, urgent deliveries can be done with just a simple tap on the app.

Take advantage of another convenient feature that comes with using pandago – a real-time tracking function that provides updates on delivery status. This takes away the worry of having to wonder where your parcel is currently at.

pandago service will be first available in Davao. So download the foodpanda app now and try pandago for your instant deliveries around the clock, at affordable prices.

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