CHRISTMAS preparations, though already set up in most prominent malls and other establishments, are likewise well under way in even the most remote streets of the city, courtesy of excited residents. After all, especially for some, the yuletide season is special. Less Covid, more freedom to roam and enjoy and most of all, the much-needed respite after a long quarantine. A friend in Germany had sent me a short message along with a shot of their street lined with parked cars all covered with snow. She merely said ‘winter is coming’, alluding to our fave Game of Thrones. Far from reality in this part of the world, although I should’ve chatted back that along the way to Gensan where we spent the weekend, we’ve got mudslides down some steep slopes which might have proved perilous if you were caught in the mid of it all. Heavy rains are coming. 

A quick browse in a broadsheet left by someone on a table inside the chicken restaurant we were in recently featured some critique on Manila Bay and its now-famous (or infamous) ‘beach front’. No laughing matter folks, while many conscientious and high-minded local citizens have taken up the task of cleaning up the wastes brought in by the waves from other towns along the bay after a tropical depression, there were still those who heaped severe criticisms all down the line, from the past president and administration, to the present people leading the government. Just like the many tributaries of the winding rivers which lead to the bay, issues flow freely, some even already long-resolved but again brought forth to pad the political beachfront. Only shows to prove that while the maxim that you cannot please everybody is true, moving on is extremely difficult if you’re still constantly looking back in anger (ask Oasis). Boomers might also refer to Jagger if need be.

Interestingly, a nephew who regularly greets me good morning Tay had just posted this: “The older you get, the more quiet you become. Life humbles you so deeply as you age. You realize how much nonsense you’ve wasted time on. You start to accept things for what they really are…” Partly correct, although the truth is, it is not often that I’m dumbfounded by all the crazy things going, or the idiotic tendencies we all have sometimes. What gets me every time is the lack of empathy as preached by the very people who badly need it. That’s not even including politicians. Through all these, it’s definitely much better as one gets older to always look on the brighter side and stay positive. I like to say I’m trying, though not my best. I’ve stopped smoking for almost three years already so that must account for something. As a friend had said, ‘never strive to be perfect, just say you’re a work in progress..’ Meanwhile, I’m fully aware that the dolomite beach in my head needs constant cleaning but I know who’ll come to help me clean…

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