Late the other week there was a road accident involving several vehicles somewhere between the GAP farm and Ma-a Crossing of the Carlos P. Garcia Diversion highway. Was it caused by over speeding? It may be yes, by one or two of the drivers manning the unfortunate vehicles.

     The accident reminded us again of a pending ordinance proposed in the City Council of Davao reducing further the speed limit of vehicles using the said diversion road from 60 kilometers per hour down to 30 kph.

    Assuming that indeed one or two of the drivers in that incident were running more than the 60 kph speed limit what could have caused them to do so? Of course it is none other than the lack of discipline of the drivers concerned. Yes, to over speed is something brought out on man’s ego because of the absence of that one important characteristic of a person – discipline in dealing with his behavior. 

     As to who among the drivers involved, only the traffic policemen’s incisive investigation can tell. But already the reckless drivers have put to serious risk the lives of the other drivers who may be religiously following regulations as well as other person who may have been in the vicinity when the accident happened.

     Another circumstance that could have ignited the undisciplined drivers to submit to their urge to violate the speed limit is the thought that there were no traffic authorities for them to be afraid of knowing that the specific stretch of the highway is traditionally left unposted with traffic policemen or even aides.

     In other words, the thought that the portion of the highway is free of traffic law enforcers the drivers may have succumbed to their urge to execute their exhibitionist nature if only to show what their driving skill can bring or maybe to call the attention of people nearby so their vehicles whatever their makes are, could be noticed.

     Or, if again the drivers use their usual tale that the brakes of their vehicles malfunction, then all the more that the accident buckles down to lack of discipline. The owners of the vehicles involved, if they have the appropriate discipline, could not have used their transport units without prior check, or entrusted the same to other persons without having the vehicles put in tip-top condition.

     To put that several-vehicles accident in its proper perspective we believe that the reasons it happened can be capsulized in three simple attributes: the lack or total absence of discipline of drivers; 2. absence of traffic law enforcers in areas known as accident prone; and 3. the usual neglect of vehicle owners/drivers in giving their units regular check to their road worthiness.


     It is heartening to note that the City Government of Davao is now in the thick of its preparation for the Pasko Fiesta revival on an in-person basis this coming December 2022.

     Yes, for two years the Pasko Fiesta was literally placed in the back burners due to the restrictions imposed on people movement as consequence of the deadly CoViD 19 pandemic. Of course during the 2020 and 2021 Christmas seasons the Pasko Fiesta, Davao City’s way of celebrating the commemoration of the coming of Jesus Christ, was done virtually resulting in the diminution of people’s enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the desire of the city for a memorable celebration, and to engage the Davaoenos in the virtual Pasko Fiesta activities were still there.             

     But as we said earlier, it was noted in the virtual celebration thatpeople’s enthusiasm was at its lowest compared to the years prior when they can see in flesh the participants or they themselves can physically be present wherever the activities are held.

     Now with all the restrictions literally being eased, the likelihood is strong that not only Davao residents will be participating in the Pasko Fiesta activities but people from nearby Mindanao provinces and cities as well as those from the Visayas and Luzon who believe that there are some things unique in Davao’s way of celebrating Christmas, will be coming over.

     We can only hope that there will be no untoward incident in the city in the duration of the Pasko Fiesta so as not to dampen the spirit of the organizers and those who are anticipating the return of the in-person activities to be conducted.



Source: Mindanao Times (