Help is on the way to beat the season’s rush

Every Filipino dreams of providing their loved ones with a better life. With the help of technology and ingenuity these dreams become more achievable. Companies that want to survive the competition understand these dreams and will create innovate ways to be part of making dreams come true.In the Philippines, genuine care and empathy, or the ability to tap into people’s dreams and tune in to how people feel is a unique strength. Pudo Express, the latest playmaker in delivery and logistics, knows this ability yields power and it’s putting it to good use. Launching Pudo Express during the season of giving is clever, and so is tapping into the essence of delivery with Pick Up, Drop Off or PUDO as your brand.

The brand pulls the stops on how they roll. Pun aside, at the core of Pudo is the very essence of why people deliver. More than the why, the answer lies in who and what. People deliver items important for work and daily life to run smoothly, food and home supplies to family and loved ones to show care and cheers. Whatever the item, there is a deep meaning and purpose attached to it. Especially for Filipinos where every delivery comes from the heart.And this is where the strength of empathy kicks in. Every time you use Pudo Express you can be sure that all riders deliver your items to the hands of the recipient with the same love and care, the same reliable and safe delivery as if you sent it in person.

“Lessons learned from 2-years of uncertainty include resilience and innovation. To survive, we at Pudo Express know that we must constantly earn the customers’ trust. That’s the only way to continue bringing services that make them experience how much we care for them, and how much we believe in taking part in their daily life, and what they want to achieve,” says Jennifer Marfil, Chairman and CEO of Pudo Express.It’s all about that word: trust. At Pudo Express the goal is to get the trust of every person, business and community. Every time a Pudo Express rider delivers a package they understand that the package is entrusted to them.

“In Pudo Express, we will deliver for you in any weather, rain or shine. Ganun kayo ka- halaga, kasing halaga ng inyong padala. Everyone everywhere is out to look after each other. We all have this sense of community. Companies make sure that we’re reaching out the best way we can to help our customers. Our Filipino culture is really all about kapwa at kawang-gawa. It’s all about coming together to achieve something good and bigger than all of us, adds Ralph Torres, Managing Director of Pudo Express.

So, the next time you need delivery, there’s only PUDO, po! And it’s always pudong pudo po!

Source: Mindanao Times (