The Bantawan Cultural Presentation, which is a cultural convergence, will showcase the artisanal and cultural practices of the 11 ethnic tribes of the city on Aug. 14-16 at the Bantawan Amphitheater, Magsaysay Park.

During the iSpeak forum on Aug. 10, Leda Jacinto, Dula Kadayawan and Bantawan Cultural Presentation events organizer, laid out the entertainment-filled festivities that await Davaoeños on Kadayawan Festival.

In line with the three-day celebration, the tribes Obu-Manuvu, Maranao, and Iranun will perform on Aug. 14. The tribes Matigsalug, Kagan, Bagobo-Tagabawa, and Sama will be on Aug. 15, while the Ata, Maguindanaon, Bagobo-Klata, and Tausug tribes are scheduled on Aug. 16.

Apart from the presentation, it will include a symposium on various customary practices and the vibrant cultural life of the 11 tribes. 

Meanwhile, the Dula Kadayawan on Aug. 17 will showcase 11 tribal and six Moro games which will be played by the members of the tribe simultaneously.

The 11 tribal games include Pana, Solopot, Bubuintog, Sosakoro, Saiklot, Sisibow, Kakasing, Usuroy, Karang, Bibinayo and Totaringki while the six Moro games include Kambaebae, Kagkingking, Kanggaratoya, Sipa sa Manggis, Kakorkor and Sipa sa Lama.

Jacinto said the half-day celebration will now be for the entire day with two additional Moro games added to the roster: the “Kagkingking,” a 20-meter single-legged relay race for males, and the “Kakokor,” a timed race to extract the best coconut milk using a traditional grater. 

She said this is to give the Moro tribes a chance to participate more since last year they were not able to engage due to limited time. 

The Dula Kadayawan will conclude with a friendship game ‘tug of war’ played by the Lumad against Moros.

Jacinto is confident that the Dabawenyos will enjoy this year’s Kadayawan Festival activities as they go with the ‘more modern and going with the times’ approach but still with a traditional touch to keep the essence of the celebration.




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