• 13 arrested, P28.8-M worth of contraband seized at Ilang wharf


AUTHORITIES detained 13 suspects and seized P28.8 million worth of smuggled cigarettes at Minterbro Wharf in Barangay Ilang, Bunawan District around 6 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 25.

Col. Darren Comia, Task Force Davao commander, identified the suspects as Adzkel M Omar, 40, married, a resident of North Gaunan, Maluso; Abdul Rajik S Alamansa, 69, married, Purok 6, Diki, City of Isabela; Aramil K Rahamban, 38, married, resident of Upper Fort Holland, Maluso; Faisal S Ilahan, 20, married, a resident of North Maluso; Mahmud A Salapudin, 31, single, a resident of Upper Fort Holland, Maluso, Basilan; Allan H Julabi, 51, married, a resident of Upper Fort Holland, Zone IV (lower), Maluso, all of Basilan.

Also arrested were Jedyd l Waradje, 19, single, a resident of Block 2, Brgyy Ilang, Davao City; Abdulnayan D Aidan, 33, married, a resident Upper Fort Holland, Maluso, Basilan; Dionisio S Salazar, 53, single, a resident Betally, Zamboanga City; Aljunib H Sapairen, 30, single, a resident of Umayam, Tubigan Maluso, Basilan; Daniel B Tucop, 69, single, a resident of North Gaunan, Maluso, Basilan, and Abdil Halim B Patarasa, 61, married, a resident of Fort Holland Zone IV (lower), Maluso, Basilan.

The Task Force Davao, Davao City Police Office, and the Bureau of Customs XI (BOC XI), represented by Special Agent I Rap Basman, launched the operation on a vessel bearing number Barmm-Bas 032623-651 docked at Minterbro Wharf.

They confiscated 1,152 boxes of suspected smuggled assorted cigarettes.

Comia said, “The seizure of the said contrabands was made possible due to the tip from concerned citizens who reported the presence of motorized boats in their area, hence, the coastal patrol of the security forces of the city.”

“Indeed, the culture of security campaign of the city is alive,” he added.

Meanwhile, the suspects and the illegal items were turned over to the BOC XI, which will file a case for violation of RA No. 4712 or An Act amending Certain Sections of the Tariff and Customs Code of The Philippines (Smuggled Cigarettes).

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