As what we have written in some of our earlier columns, we assumed that there must be much bigger enticement to the huge number of persons now vying for the various positions in the forthcoming barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections. Our take in fact is that the enticement is much more than their supposed desire to serve the people in their respective barangays.

We could just imagine that in the first district of Davao City alone, a total of 141 persons are running for the position of barangay captains, some 1,340 are candidates for Kagawads of the Sangguniang Barangay. So, it would seem that the interest is driven clearly by certain motives that are now getting harder to resist.

But of course, we can still give those aspirants the benefit of doubt that indeed it is public service that is top in their minds in running for the posts they are after at.


Despite the failure of the petitioner-drivers in getting their demand for an increase in minimum fare of P5.00 their reaction in the approval of a provisional increase in fare of P1.00 is enough indication that they are happy with the action of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

In fact, according to one driver-transport leader, with the P1 provisional increase, a 300 passengers they will be able to pick up on the road would mean an additional P300 in their daily income. And the commuters interviewed also appeared to have given their approval of the fare hike considering that the amount is not much of a drain from the allowances they get from their parents.

However, there are still drivers groups that seem insatiable and continue to insist that their demand for a P5 fare hike be granted by the LTFRB. These drivers and their leaders are apparently unmindful of the impact of the P5 fare increase to the pockets of the passengers especially the students. They are most inconsiderate of the plights of the parents and the ordinary working man who are as wanting as the drivers in augmenting their income to foot the daily requirements of living.


Talking of public transportation we are happy with the decision of the local government of Davao City to implement the so-called Peak Hours Bus Augmentation (PHBA) project in certain routes of the city. In fact early this week eight (8) buses were added to the initial six to make sure that the need for more public transportation going south of the city is addressed to.

The acute need of more utility buses is seen during the critical hours in the morning when students and workers are going to the schools and offices that are mostly in the downtown area. The same situation is also repeated in the late afternoon and early evening when students and workers are going home.

So, acute is the need for additional transportation for the public that some have to wait for as long as one to two hours just to be able to get a ride back home.

Hopefully, with the augmentation of public utility buses in the route mentioned the passengers’ waiting time to be able to get a ride will not anymore be that long and passengers will be assured of their safety and security from bad elements and oftentimes the unpredictable weather in Davao City.


What good news we heard the other day. We mean the driver of a tricycle in General Santos City who had a novel way of celebrating his birthday.

Instead of spending some money to celebrate his birthday with family, relatives and friends, he used his income from picking passengers giving it back to them. The tricycle driver did not collect even a single centavo from the passengers who took his pedicab on the day he celebrated his birthday. He gave it as present instead to them.

While his philanthropic act deprived him and his family the income that was supposed to be theirs during that day, the driver said that he feels “rewarded” with his simple act of giving back to a few from his community.

Will there ever be more like him in some other places in the country? We can only wish.

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